At Anonym Apparel

We build humane relationships based on trust with all our partners, including you.

The current rhythms dictated by the society in which we evolve, lead us, more often than not, to short-lived, dehumanized relationships.

At Anonym Apparel, we reassess consumption from a benevolent, empathetic approach.

Given that our products revolve around values that we cherish at every production stage, at Anonym Apparel, we create correct and unique styles, pleasant both to wear and to share.


What is Alpaca wool?


This close relative of the llama appealed to us first of all because of its charm, its super soft, thick fur coat, which gives it the appearance of a stuffed animal.

Its great attractive feature is also given by its adaptability to different temperatures, ranging from -20 °C to 30°C. This is why its wool is so highly appreciated and valued.

Alpaca wool is more resistant than cashmere, hence our wish to push it to the fore.

Your Anonym Apparel sweater will become increasingly soft with each washing, and you will be able to keep it for a very long time if you take good care of it.

What is Pima cotton?


Most of you have heard of Egyptian cotton, which is similar to Pima cotton, grown in Peru. The Rolls Royce of cottons is grown and harvested by hand, free of fertilisers and pesticides. Extra long, flexible fibres give it its flawless softness and body.

A second-skin effect, that will delight you also because of its breathable, heat and humidity resistant properties, besides being ecologic and hypoallergenic.

ANONYM promises



Our products mirror the skills and know-how of Peruvian crafts. Much like the relationships we build with our producers, our products are made to last.



Beyond trends and seasons, details, colours, materials and shapes distinguish our styles. They are basic garments that live through time without ever going out of fashion.



At Anonym Apparel, we build trustworthy relationships based on interaction and listening. We make our decisions based on goodwill, aiming that all of our customers embrace the design of our products as much as the values they represent. Without the marketing artifice, we are focused in the appeal of our products.