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Arnaud Binard

Surfer, doting father, actor, man committed to the environment...
Is there another Arnaud Binard that we don't know yet?
The architecture and toolbox enthusiast perhaps? I like the atmosphere of workshops, places that I have known since my earliest childhood and in which, paradoxically and despite the noise of machines that may be turning there, I experience a mixture of calm, enthusiasm and reassurance.

The role you would love to play in the cinema? 
There are so many… In fact, it's less about the role than about the journey it underlies…. The promise of an internal exile which is often accompanied by a concrete change of scenery certainly motivates me. I'm looking for this move towards less comfortable areas that push to create adjustments, adaptations… I like this exploration. Interpreting a character is never really a definitive act. It is a proposal in motion which is finally determined only in the encounter with others; acting partners, staging, writing...

What seduces you in the values of Anonym Apparel?
The idea of a line of simple, comfortable, refined and durable clothing, designed with an ethical approach and respectful of people and the environment.
From production to use. 

If you had to keep only one iconic piece in our collection?
The JULES pima cotton t-shirt

Photographs: Sebastien Chebassier


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